2023 BMW M4 CSL – New Rendering Shows Aggressive Bodystyle

2023 will bring one of the most exciting M cars of the last decade. BMW will revive the CSL moniker and stamp it on the boot of the G82 M4. The 2023 BMW M4 CSL will be the top model of the M3/M4 range, sitting above the M3 CS and M4 CS, and of course, above the Competition models. Design wise, we don’t expect significant changes to the exterior. The sports coupe will get a revised front-end which includes a carbon fiber splitter and air intakes, along with a slightly different kidney grille. Same XXL size though.

The rear-end will feature a ducktail spoiler, also made of carbon fiber, along with a new diffuser and potentially revised taillights. New wheels and a carbon ceramic brake are certainly in the books as well. There won’t be a sunroof option nor a plethora of comfort standard features and options. How much weight will be saved is still an unknown at this time but expect a heavy does of carbon fiber, a more stripped out interior, and maybe the removal of some sound insulation.

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Render instagram.com/germanysfinest43

M4 CSL will drop some weight from the standard car, as all CSL models have done in the past. How much weight will be saved and exactly where it will be taken from is still an unknown at this time but expect also a more stripped out interior, and maybe the removal of some sound insulation. The BMW M5 CS is likely a good point of reference. Obviously, power will be bumped as well. From what we’re hearing, expect 550 horsepower to be the minimum. We’re hearing around 550 horsepower.

Additionally, as far as we know, the BMW M4 CSL will only use an automatic transmission, the same eight-speed unit used in the standard M4 Competition. However, our understanding is that the door is left open for a manual transmission. So hopefully the M engineers surprise us.

As you’d expect, the BMW M4 CSL is fairly limited (more on that in the next article), so expect most markets to be sold out even before the car comes out. Production of the 2023 BMW M4 CSL will kick off in July 2022.

[Rendering by instagram.com/germanysfinest43]

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