Big rig driver ends California chase by crashing into murder suspect’s pickup

A good Samaritan in a semi truck put an end to a California car chase the hard way Tuesday by putting his big rig in the path of a fleeing murder suspect. While police officers hung back during the two-hour pursuit, Ahmed Shabaan decided to take matters into his own hands. 

“I just thought to get him off the street,” Shabaan told Fox 11 in Los Angeles. “If I didn’t, and [officers] have been behind him for that long and didn’t stop him … I have the power.” 

Shabaan said he had heard about the chase and knew the driver was wanted for murder, and merely acted on instinct. Per Fox, the chase lasted two hours and covered multiple counties, generating widespread publicity. The abrupt end was captured by onlookers, as seen in the video embedded above. 

It reportedly started with Riverside County deputies attempting to locate the suspect, Michael Caleb Reed, who injured a deputy and fled. Reed is wanted in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred in Oildale (a northern suburb of Bakersfield) in March. 

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