BMW expands recall of motorcycle jackets due to Chromium VI

BMW is expanding a European recall of branded motorcycle jackets due to potential chromium VI contamination, the company announced Thursday. The initial recall covered only medium-sized jackets; as of today, all sizes and styles are now part of the campaign. 

“In the interests of due diligence and in order to eliminate the risk of increased chromium exposure for our customers, BMW Motorrad has decided to recall the complete production of the affected jacket throughout Europe,” the company said in its latest announcement. 

Chromium salts are used in the process of tanning hides into consumer-grade leather, but because chromium VI can cause contact dermatitis (an allergic skin reaction), it is not used in modern leather production.

Chromium VI can be introduced during the process via contamination of the salt mixture or, under some circumstances, can be produced by reactions between various additives and/or organic compounds in the finished leather itself. 

“The Administrative Authority refers to a random test conducted on the above-mentioned articles of a supplier by the Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Rhein-Ruhr-Wupper (Rhine-Ruhr-Wupper Veterinary Inspection Office), which allegedly detected chromium VI above the legally standardized limit,” BMW said when the original recall program was announced. 

The original campaign covered the Club Leather Men’s Jacket size M (part number 76129899222) and the DownTown glove (part number 76218560843 to 76218560849) in Europe.

“We regret any inconvenience caused to our customers,” BMW said. “We regularly test the leather lifestyle products we sell for chrome VI and have not detected any abnormalities to date.”

Customers can exchange their items (regardless of age) for equivalent BMW Motorrad gear at any authorized retailer. 

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