Grab this 2017 Ford GT and get a matching watch and trailer

For those who missed their opportunity to buy a new Ford GT supercar when it first came out — or perhaps you were one of more than 6,000 whose applications were rejected — another chance is about to present itself. This launch-year 2017 Ford GT, which will cross the block at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, has just 80 miles on it, which is likely as close as you’re going to get to a new-in-the-wrapper Ford GT. And it also comes with two bonus items: a matching watch and a custom trailer.

This GT is finished in Shadow Black and was ordered without stripes. The “Re-Entry” interior (a $25,000 upgrade) features Ebony and white leather, embossed Alcantara seat inserts and headliner, and carbon-fiber accents. The car is also optioned with the titanium exhaust system ($10,000). As in all GTs, motive force is supplied by a 647-horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 mounted amidships in the carbon-fiber body structure. It’s paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and provides a zero-to-60-mph time of under 3 seconds and a 216-mph top speed.

The Jimglo Elite trailer is custom-designed for the Ford GT. It features side portals and removable fenders that allow the GT’s butterfly doors to open when it’s on the trailer, and the ramp is engineered to allow the car to be loaded without scraping its front splitter.

The watch is the Ford GT Owners Edition Chronograph, by Autodromo. It uses a La Joux-Perret flyback chronograph movement within a 43mm steel and ceramic case. The honeycomb dial features Ford GT stripes down the center. Engraved with this car’s chassis number, the watch was an $11,500 accessory offered exclusively to Ford GT owners. (For any non-Ford-GT owners who like the look, Autodromo sells a quartz watch with a similar style for $695.)

With the two-year no-sale window now past for the first Ford GTs, the cars are starting to appear at auction. Ford designer Moray Callum recently is selling his. A 2017 Heritage Edition with similar delivery miles sold a year ago at Barrett-Jackson for $1.54 million. How much does having the watch affect the value of this car?

“Everybody loves ‘free’ stuff, including millionaires. Or maybe especially millionaires,” observes Dave Kinney, publisher of the Hagerty Price Guide. “And that timepiece on your wrist is a reminder of the hunt for your GT. It makes this GT different, and maybe a touch better than most others offered for sale.”

This one is selling at no reserve, so bid to win. And for any of you who might be heading to Scottsdale for the sale, note that the date has been pushed back from its traditional late-January timeframe to March.

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