New Michael Schumacher doc hits Netflix Wednesday

The Michael Schumacher documentary that first surfaced back in 2019 will debut on Netflix Wednesday. It will cover the seven-time Formula One champion’s life — racing and otherwise — from the beginning to the end of his career(s). According to Racer, it is the only such documentary made with the family’s blessing. 

The doc will feature interviews with members of the family, including Schumacher’s wife, father and brother. Several high-profile F1 figures and racing icons will also appear, including Bernie Ecclestone, Damon Hill and David Coulthard. 

Producer and director Vanessa Noecker said that in exchange for their blessing and support, the filmmakers gave consideration to the family’s privacy throughout the making of the documentary. The Schumacher family has chosen to keep most details of the legendary racer’s recovery after a 2014 skiing accident out of the public eye.


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