Nissan teases new Patrol Nismo

Nissan’s Nismo performance skunkworks is almost ready to show us its version of the recently updated 2021 Nissan Patrol, the global version of our Armada.

The new Patrol Nismo is scheduled for its world debut on March 31 and a teaser video released by Nissan on Thursday hints at what’s to come.

The last Patrol Nismo (shown below) was launched in 2015 and brought both mechanical and visual mods. The key mod was a tuned version of the Patrol’s familiar 5.6-liter V-8, with the Nismo engineers extracting an additional 28 hp for a grand total of 428 hp. Torque was unchanged at 413 pound-feet but registered higher over the rev range compared to the stock Patrol’s V-8.

2015 Nissan Patrol NISMO

The Patrol Nismo’s body structure was also given some reinforcements to improve rigidity and a body kit was added to help boost downforce. The suspension was also worked over and upgraded with Bilstein shocks. Forged 22-inch wheels and tweaks to the power steering system rounded off the list of upgrades.

Expect similar upgrades to feature on the new Patrol Nismo, and with any luck we’ll see the Armada receive similar treatment.

The Armada was just updated for the 2021 model year. While it still only offers the one powertrain, a 400-hp 5.6-liter V-8, the latest update brought a more youthful look and some much-needed tech items in the cabin.

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