The world’s most expensive Tesla is covered in gold

At the moment, the most you can spend on a new Tesla, a fully loaded Model S Plaid+ with every available upgrade, is $168,990. For a certain subset of buyers, even the most expensive Tesla may feel distressingly common. So, the folks over at Caviar, which typically creates customized iPhones, have worked some of their magic to turn the Model S into the Model Excellence 24K.

The Caviar Model Excellence 24K is turned out in an eye-catching black with gold accents. Black-and-gold has been an iconic automotive livery at least since the days of the “Smokey and the Bandit” Trans Am and perhaps even going back to the John Player Special Lotus grand prix racers. Caviar, however, has applied a Midas touch to the idea by using actual “999” 24-carat gold — the purest kind — electro-plated onto various elements. A custom grille, the wheels, the door handles, the trunk spoiler, lower-body panels, and various other items are rendered in gold.

The car retails for $299,999, and the super-exclusive Tesla is limited to 99 examples, which is probably enough. Those intrepid individuals who are ready to slip behind the wheel of their gilded Tesla should be forewarned, however. Caviar cautions that by driving the Model Excellence 24K, “you may dazzle those around you with your splendor.” Indeed.


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