Travis Pastrana drives a Subaru in the latest Gymkhana video

While Ken Block has been known for years for his wild driving in extreme Fords, when he did his first couple of Gymkhana films he was behind the wheel of Subarus. The latest Gymkhana video once again features a Subaru WRX STI, one with a bigger-displacement, 8,000-rpm 2.3-liter flat-four with 862 horsepower, but Ken Block is nowhere to be found. Instead, he has let his friendly rival Travis Pastrana take over.

Pastrana’s first Gymkhana outing takes place in and around his hometown of Annapolis, Md. It kicks right off with a big jump over a boat and downtown waterway, followed by a bunch of tight drifts and donuts. The redesigned Subaru BRZ even shows up for some tandem donuts. From there, Pastrana ends up at an airport for some cool shots with planes and a partial spin off a low jump. Then it’s off to some country backroads on the way to Pastrana’s outdoor biking/skating/driving park. Along the way, he gets the Subaru up to 150 mph and makes the most impressive jump of the film.

The film feels like a throwback in more ways than just the brightly-colored Subaru, too. The locations feature some really tight roads and structures that highlight the precision driving Pastrana and Block can do, kind of like the warehouses of the early videos. Not only that, but the editing isn’t overly distracting or flashy, simply letting the driving be the star. It’s a good bit of fun that’s worth a watch. And there’s more of it coming, since there’s apparently an extended version being released next year.

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