Truck crash on Georgia interstate shoves bridge 6 feet out of place

Amazing pictures from the Georgia Department of Transportation are making the rounds this morning, showing the aftermath of a truck crash into a bridge โ€” an impact so great, it shoved the overpass 6 feet out of position:

Bridge vertical 3

“A large dump trailer hit the GA 86 bridge and shifted it 6 feet. This is west of US 221/GA 56 Exit,” the agency said. That section of Interstate 16 has been closed because of the obvious danger, while engineers check out the damage.

The Georgia State Patrol says the tractor-trailer towing a dump trailer was heading west when the trailer went into the lift position and hit the overpass that crosses I-16.

The accident is similar to one back in 2018 in which a motorist captured some spectacular video of a raised trailer smacking a bridge in Montreal at highway speed.

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